“Local sporting organisations are encouraged to

“I firmly focused on the next 10 12 weeks of the NRL and whatever happens happens. I leave that til the end of the year,” Sezer said. “My ambition to play in the NRL.” MORE RAIDERS NEWS Sezer manager Sam Ayoub said there was “nothing in the wind at the moment”.

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canada goose clearance sale Article content continued8. Alex Chiasson scored his 22nd of the season for the Oilers on Saturday. He’s a pending UFA. Under the plan, all included businesses cannot exceed one person per four square metres, including staff. Organised social sport can now include up to 20 participants, and indoor sport can restart under the one person per four square metre rule. “Local sporting organisations are encouraged to ensure low physical contact, and to limit the sharing of equipment,” Mr Barr said. canada goose clearance sale

canada goose coats There is no timeframe for when Cheika replacement will be announced, and an earlier than usual start to Super Rugby will give minimal time to reach a collaboration agreement. The resting policy issue first created drama last year when Cheika asked the Brumbies to stand down three of their key players Scott Sio, Allan Alaalatoa and David Pocock from a regular season game. MORE RUGBY The Brumbies were the only club asked to rest players before a mid year series against Ireland, prompting coach Dan McKellar to “take a stand” for fans in Canberra by refusing to agree. canada goose coats

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canada goose store Hey Michael, been a fan since reading Code you believe that refactoring a large APL codebase would be inherently easier than something like, a large legacy C++ codebase?What is the relative complexity of comparing, say 1000 lines of APL to 10K lines of C++?I remember reading an interview between Arthur Whitney and Bryan Cantrill where they mentioned something about recognizing idioms in the dense code much more easily in K than in something like C because it took so many less characters. APL idioms raise the level on that base. This is made up, of course, but that how you start thinking, you start seeing parallel computing in your head and you can reach for it instantly with a notation that allows your hands to describe what you just imagined with a few well selected symbols canada goose store.