Why else would he be so bold in flirting with the

However, in rural Monroeville, just south of Sandusky, the Seibel family had much to look forward to. The 18 acres of strawberries on their farm were yielding about 700 quarts a day and prices had risen to 9 or 10 cents per quart. Three of the seven Seibel sisters were anticipating graduations that month: one from Schauffler Missionary Training School in Cleveland; one from Oberlin Business College; and 19 year old Margaret from Monroeville High School..

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It important to note that there is no law preventing a sitting president from being indicted for a crime. Again, it a policy ( based on a 1973 memo drafted during the Watergate affair), but it has taken on mythic proportions and has been embraced by the president as if it were chiseled in stone. Why else would he be so bold in flirting with the law on a number of fronts? Some examples:.

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