Another driver, Shahid Baloch, said dozens of cars

We had a great time in the Lord this Sunday past, May 16, 2010 while ministering at Brown’s Chapel Church of God. The Pastor his wife were more than just hosts. The invited us into their home, cooked a GRRREEEAT homemade lunch for us (WE THANK YOU), allowed us a place to rest up and get prepared for the evening service.

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The same goes for eggs: Frying eggs in butter is your low and slow weekend route. Because butter will burn at a high temperature, you’ll coddle your egg over a lower temperature and end up with a soft, tender egg. In a medium high pan of hot olive oil, an egg’s cook time is so fast that the white cooks without the yolk having a chance to cook through.

My friend, Marilyn Robinson, who has been a volunteer at Rummage for years, told me at the Bridgewater Library Thursday night that there was a lot of good yarn this year. But people on Friday and Saturday morning must have bought most of it. The big box bins of yarn were both more than half sold..

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