That brought more than a touch of irony

Blake Mohler and Caitlyn Newton were the x factors for Purdue as Mohler registered 14 kills on 24 swings with just two errors to hit.500 with two blocks while Newton found the floor 12 times on 27 swings to hit.296 with a block. Purdue out hit the nations fifth ranked team.317 to.234, registering 20 plus kills in the first, third and fourth sets. The Boilermakers were set the tone with their offense coming out of intermission as they hit.333 with 22 kills in the third set and.425 with 21 kills in the fourth..

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Please note that if the pan is so worn out that it is flaking on the inside, do not use this for projects where animals may ingest the flakes. Again, make sure that it is not flaking on the inside, as we don’t want our critter friends to potentially ingest this. One idea that I first used was to turn the bundt mold into a feeder for our ducks.

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David Huff got the start in Sunday season finale. He gave up a run on an RBI single in the first inning, but buckled down to notch 7 strikeouts with just 3 hits and no walks over five innings. The bullpen pieced together the rest of the game without allowing another Houston run, as well it needed to..

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