You can gain a sense of control by planning daily

Are unique and the way they cope should be consistent with their needs and values, Polizzi said.Coping activities can increase the ability to bounce back from negative events, and free up mental resources to deal with ongoing stressors and changing situations, researchers said. The coping activities are focused on the three Cs: control, coherence and connectedness.You can gain a sense of control by planning daily activities, checking in on friends and loved ones, adjusting commercial news intake, keeping a journal or preparing for your post pandemic future.Connection fulfills the need for human contact and support. This can be achieved even in times of social distancing through telephone calls, videoconferencing and social media, or even the more internal practice of loving kindness meditation.

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“It represents yet another piece of evidence that climate change is already having a discernable influence on day to day life in California.”The findings come at a time when California’s firefighters are facing significant pressures. Because firefighting resources and funding have been traditionally concentrated during the peak summertime fire season, the recent spate of autumn fires burning in both northern and southern California has put particular strain on the response. The ongoing COVID 19 pandemic could further strain emergency resources, including impeding efforts to prepare for the upcoming summer and autumn seasons that are likely to be intensified by low spring snowpack and a dry winter in northern California..

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