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In the perfect scenario, more than one buyer is willing to make a firm offer and the price is pushed upwards. Both agent and vendor are looking for a speedy sale at the right price. The highest bidder with the best terms wins. NASCAR is also cutting salaries until the series returns to racing, according to The AP. Series executives, including the presidents of NASCAR owned tracks, are taking a 25 per cent reduction in salary, while all other employees are having their salary reduced by 20 per cent. Budget expenses and capital improvements have also been frozen..

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“A lot of times we had people get cold feet to play us. To put your kids in that environment, I think it really helps you as you go down the road and start getting in the postseason, because they not in awe.”UAH went 26 8 last season andreached the DII Sweet 16 for the fifth time in seven years. Among the losses to graduation were leading scorer and rebounder Seab Webster, and assists leader Troy Saxton.”Our team this year will be a little different,” Acuff said.

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